TL;DR : Dalai llama & alpaca

IA Mar 13, 2023
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What ?

LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta Artificial-Intelligence) developed by Meta (ex. Facebook).

LLaMa need trained models to work. "Unfortunately", some got leaked, and from those, multiple models emerged, fine-tuned by the community.

  • We have 4 models : 7B, 13B, 30B and 65B. 'B' for Billions of parameters.

Alpaca model is a fine-tuned version of the LLaMA model capable of following instructions ...

Dalai is the library that run all of this locally on your PC, with a Web-UI.



  • 7B => ~4 GB
  • 13B => ~8 GB
  • 30B => ~16 GB
  • 65B => ~32 GB

Disk space


  • 7B => ~4.21GB
  • 13B => ~8.14GB


  • 7B
  • Full: The model takes up 31.17GB
  • Quantized: 4.21GB
  • 13B
  • Full: The model takes up 60.21GB
  • Quantized: 4.07GB * 2 = 8.14GB
  • 30B
  • Full: The model takes up 150.48GB
  • Quantized: 5.09GB * 4 = 20.36GB
  • 65B
  • Full: The model takes up 432.64GB
  • Quantized: 5.11GB * 8 = 40.88GB

Commands (with Docker compose)

git clone
cd dalai
docker compose build
docker compose run dalai npx dalai alpaca install 7B
docker compose up -d

Can change alpaca to 'llama', and '7B' by another model

There are no 30B and 65B Alpaca models

Downloaded model goes in ./models

App (Web UI)

Web UI on local HTTP port 3000 : or http://localhost:3000